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Maars has installed Living Walls in Gemeente Westland

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Note: DBFMO is an integral tender based on a Design, Build, Finance,MaintainOperate (DBFMO) contract. This means that De Groen

DBFMO is an integral tender based on a Design, Build, Finance, Maintain & Operate (DBFMO) contract. This means that De Groene Schakel (a consortium consisting out of Boele & van Eesteren, HOMIJ Technische Installaties and PCH) has received the assignment of design, construction, financing, maintenance and service.


The terms transparent and representative are central in this design. Architect cepezed used the metaphor of the greenhouse for the design, which gives an attractive, subdued street image from outside and in the inside are colors, life and innovative design solutions expressed.


In this project we have installed our metaline, Panorama, String² and Horizon walls. The single and double glass walls make the transparent design of cepezed a reality. The walls in combination with our Flush Glass doors have an Rw value up to 52 dB.

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