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Mercedez BIOME

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Note: Thoughthis concept car is not available to the public yet and is years aheadof its time, this car is a brand new concept
Though this concept car is not available to the public yet and is years ahead of its time, this car is a brand new concept car developed by Mercedez as the ultimate eco-friendly automobile. 

Mercedez created the BIOME concept car for the Los Angeles Design Challenge and was displayed at the LA Auto Show in November of 2010. The design challenge asked applicants to create a safe vehicle that comfortably seats 4 people with good control and handling, weighing less than 1,000 lbs, and is environmentally friendly. Mercedez delivered gloriously with the BIOME. 
The official press release described this BIOME as being able to grow organically from seeds grown in a nursery, emits 100% oxygen, and can be composted or used as building material when it is no longer useful as a car. 
The car literally grows from two seeds that are planted in a nursery – one seed forms the interior of the car and the other forms the exterior. The wheels are created by 4 germinated seeds in the nursery. This type of technology may seem science-fiction, but it has actually been created and could be the future of all automobile manufacturing technologies. 
The car is made from BioFibre, an ultra light-weight material. Although this car is similar in size to your average sedan, it is even wider than normal, but it only weighs 867 lbs. 
Of course, as we stated at the beginning, this car is not available at your local Mercedez dealership. This concept car is still a vision of the future that could potentially rid our planet of gas guzzling, air polluting vehicles that are currently slowly destroying our planet. 
Sources: Science Channel
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